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Recreational Bridges

Recreational Bridges

Modular Type

Our modular RECREATIONAL BRIDGES have a 10 TON capacity and can be used for both temporary and permanent crossings and are designed for ease of installation and use on trails adjacent to low volumeroads.

Lessard Recreational bridge products comply with the design requirements of the 2004 MTO "Guidelines for the Design of Snowmobile Bridges" AND exceed the snowmobile bridge design standards identified in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry 1992 "Crown Land Access Roads Manual" (Section RA3-3). In addition to the standard lengths identified below, custom lengths are also available.

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Available spans

20 ft 30 ft 40 ft 50 ft 60 ft

Single Lane (2 piece bridge)

Width: 12 ft

Key Points

  • 10 TON Capacity
  • Designed for an AASHTO H20-44 Loading
  • Complies with the 2004 MTO “Guidelines for the Design of Snowmobile Bridges”
  • Exceeds Snowmobile Bridge Design Criteria in the MNRF 1992 “Crown Land Access Roads Manual” (Section RA3-3)
  • Ideal for snowmobiles, trail groomers, ATV’s and light traffic

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