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Quality Policy

It is the policy of Lessard Welding to provide superior quality products and services that meet recognized industry standards and the specific requirements of our customers; continually improving the effectiveness of our quality system; and providing a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives during an annual management review.

Lessard Welding staff are indoctrinated and aware of this core guiding principle. Our Quality policy along with our ongoing planning process and objectives are reviewed annually, respectful of incorporating measures which promote continual improvement, suitability, customer satisfaction and all measurable objectives.

Quality Objectives

Quality objectives related to products and services are continually measured to be consistent with Quality planning and policies, successful quotations, the fabrication of quality products (and records), recorded non-conformances, customer complaints and product delivery. The objectives identify additional resources, methodologies, practices needed to meet the requirements of the product and/or service and the expectations and needs of our customers through quality products, after sales service and technical support.

Quality Planning

Lessard Welding employs a quality management plan system with each single project. Quality planning assists the project management and team members in executing quality assurance and management activities for a program or a project. The purpose of a quality management plan is describing the way quality will be managed and handled throughout a project’s lifecycle.

We use this system because it identifies the project processes and deliverables, the deliverables standards of quality, the satisfaction of consumers, activities of quality control, process quality standards, expectations of shareholders and activities of quality assurance.

Detailed project management ensures that the resources needed to achieve the quality objectives are identified and planned. All aspects of the project plan are fully documented and include the quality management system requirements that will not affect our ability to provide products and/or services; the resources needed; and continual improvement of our quality management system.

Planning also ensures that changes in the completion of the product are conducted in a controlled manner and that the integrity of the quality management system is maintained.

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